part time financial controller

What can 56ACC do for small and medium size freight forwarders

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part time financial controller

Postby 56admin » Fri Nov 21, 2014 3:52 am

What part time financial controller can do for small freight forwarders are as follows:

 1. Revenue management of lost routings, customers, services, ports
 2, Cost reduction and alert system on critical costs such as volume discount, consolidation efficiency, palletization, equalization 3 International tax planning, VAT & CIT in China, offshore income in HK, transfer pricing
 3 Internal control & Risk management, cash receipt, credit control, foreign exchange, bunker, liability and commitment
 4 Contract management, liability, compensation, commitment, exclusion & termination
 5 Business analysis on routing/vendor/transport means selection and idle transport space
 6, billing, credit control and collection on different customers and different services
 7 Treasury, funding and cashflow management
 8 Procurement
 9. Payment
 10. Carrier/Agent/Partner management
 11. Regional office control and Compliance
 12. KPI measurement, workflow and work study
 13. Accounting Policy, Process and documents
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Re: part time financial controller

Postby 56admin » Fri Nov 21, 2014 4:03 am

The benefits of accounting Service outsourcing to small and medium sized logistics companies are:
 1. Sharing Knowledge can increase sales, improve service quality and customer satisfaction, save processing time, avoid risk and save operating costs of your company
 2. It can be flexible in the form of training and part time financial controller working for company under hourly rate for contracted period
 3. It is affordable by small to medium logistics company instead of paying an experienced financial controller or senior manager
 4. The benefits greatly exceed the costs
 5. The benefit is long term and sustainable
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Contracted finance manager

Postby 56admin » Fri Nov 21, 2014 6:42 am

Contracted Finance Manager and/or HR and Administration Manager is useful for newly created logistis companies on the following areas

1. Selection of operation software
 2. Selection of Accounting software
 3. Formation of a company
 4. Opening bank account
 5. Setting up financial reporting, SOA to customers, Shipment analysis reports
 6. Procurement of leasedrental office, office equipment & F & F
 7. Recruitment of staff
 8. Setting up internal control according to company business strategy
 9. Setting up Customer relationship management system
 10. Reviewing contracts and setting up standard contract templates
 11. Audit fee negotiation
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Contract project managers

Postby 56admin » Fri Nov 21, 2014 6:48 am

Contract Project Manager is useful for system implementation in logistics industry

 1. Setting up best practice, organization, segregation of duty, internal control, workflow, KPI
 2. Consolidating user requirements according to company successful factors, business strategy and future planning
 3. Selection of Operation and Accounting software or system design
 4. Propose alternative procedures if New Accounting system may not cater for all requirements or New Accounting system is weak in some areas
 5. Testing the existing procedures and new requirements against the new system, system bug and user friendly processing
 6. Training, daily, monthly end and year end processing
 7. Staffing planning such as super user selection and recruitment of additional staff
 8. Change management
 9. Decide the most suitable date of system implementation
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part time financial controller cycle

Postby 56admin » Fri Nov 21, 2014 7:18 am

Part Time Financial Controller

Stage I
 Part Time financial controller in hourly rate
 Training to existing accounting staff for self service
 Knowledge outsourcing to companies
 Recruitment of suitable accounting staff with potential to be accountant if necessary
 Selection of suitable accounting software if necessary

Stage II
 Promote existing accounting staff as Accountant
 Reduce number of working hour of Part Time Financial Controller

Stage III
 Relocation of accounting work to South China
 local support/training to China accounting team
 Limited accounting duties in HK like check issue and check bank in
 Financial Controller service as requested

Stage Ⅳ
 Financial controller retires
 China accounting team can manage full accounting duty
 Consider accounting outsourcing to 56ACC Limited

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