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Automate best practice

Postby 56admin » Fri Nov 21, 2014 6:52 am

The function of Automating best practice is to help your company to grow at the lowest costs and risks and at the same time in the most efficient way by identifying the critical problems and successful factors, setting up measurement system, KPI, best practice and finally by automating process and control.

It includes:
 1. Assess the existing problems, critical potential risk and make constructive suggestion
 2. Agree and set up the best operation practice based on the actual conditions, organization, segregation of duty, workflow, KPI, reward
 3. Agree and set up the best accounting practice based on the actual conditions, efficiency, effectiveness, and company strategy
 4. Automate operation process
 5. Automate accounting process
 6. Set up Customer Relationship management system
 7. Set up Internal control and risk management manual
 8. Set up Cost Reduction, Contract management & procurement policy and procedure
 9. International tax planning
 10. Assess listing opportunity
 11. Assess reward system
 12. Recruitment of talent/suitable staff if necessary
 13. Assess the opportunity of outsourcing
 14. Operation, Procurement, Sales KPI
 15. Pricing, Marketing, Promotion, location strategy analysis
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