Full set of books accounting training / IVE accounting training

Course Objective

The full set of booking training is ideal for attendee who is working big logistics companies and do not have the chance of handling full set of books

The attendee will become experienced accountants

Medium of language



20 hours

Course Content

  • Difference between manual accounting and computer accounting
  • Chart of account
  • Mapping charge and cost codes to accounts code
  • P & L, Balance sheet, cashflow, variance analysis, DSO report, top ten report
  • MPF
  • 56A & B
  • Minute preparation
  • Annual return
  • Tax computation & planning
  • Deadline management
  • Credit control
  • Debt collection
  • Small claim
  • Audit deadline
  • Preparation before audit
  • Handling of audit adjustment
  • Comply SSAP
  • Internal control
  • Fixed Asset Management
  • Excel application shipment analysis by pivot table
  • Excel application inter-company transaction reconciliation
  • Excel application bank reconciliation
  • Business analysis
  • Selection of accounting software
  • System implementation
  • Opening bank account
  • Contract management
  • Management accounting

Raw material to be provided

The real sources of accounting documents will be provided for real practice such as financial statements, management reports, auditor report, document for opening bank account, Standard journals will be provided.

Certificate of completion of training

A cetificate of completion of training will be provided if the attendee can attend 80% of the training sessions


A referral letter will be provided to attendee who can pass the test for job application purpose.

E-mail inquiry

Any attendee who gains suitable employment within three months of having completed this course will be given ongoing technical support from our qualified accountants during the three month probationary period by e-mail.

Additional one to one training hour

If necessary, additional training can be provided at the rate of HK$200 per hour. The topic and objective should be agreed before

Trainer Qualification

Master Degree of Business


Former financial controller or CFO of Fortune 500 companies