Credit Control

What are credit control objectives?

  • Reduce bad debt
  • Reduce the processing cost and legal cost in debt collection
  • Maintain and expand business from existing and potential custom

What are critical information for credit control?

credit limit, lien on cargo, document hold, profitability, volume discount, capital tied up, AR/AP set off, year of service, latest sales, DSO

What are reasons for non-payment?

  • need agent to issue invoice
  • not yet delivered
  • still checking
  • no quotation
  • AP team on leave
  • Signatory on leave
  • no tax invoice
  • late billing
  • wrong billing addresses
  • late settlement
  • summary invoice required
  • unconfirmed
  • collection on
  • No job number is available
  • late processing of cash receipt
  • pay by next payment
  • credit instead of COD
  • set off against claim