Key performance indicators are

  • Customer Service KPI
  • Vendors/Agents/Bussiness Partners performance KPI
  • Sourcing and procurement KPI
  • Risk management KPI
  • Contract KPI
  • Critical Cost Alert KPI
  • Company KPI
  • Cross functional KPI
  • Revenue management KPI including pricing, investment, organic growth, business development, M&A and listing
  • Finance performance KPI incluing cashflow and profit accuracy
  • Sales KPI
  • Operation KPI, logistics, shipping, documentation, processing
  • Human resources KPI
  • IT KPI


  • Different rates of Taxation
  • Interest cost ignored
  • Unfair allocation of costs
  • Non-arm length transfer pricing
  • Significant error or mistake
  • Uncontrollable reasons by market, customer and economy
  • Not an apple to apple basis for comparison
  • No incentive and punishment for performance
  • Difficult to have full information or late to have information for performance measurement
  • Department objectives conflict each other makes good performance not possible
  • Right and responsibility not balance
  • Individual performance and department performance can be given up for company objectives

Key performance and reward system by 56ACC can automate the measurement of the key performance indicators and design suitable reward system to achieve company strategy