System implementation

What are options for implementation, phased, pilot?

If plan properly, once off implementation can be adopted

What are factors in affecting system implementation?

volume, manpower, interface from operation, management information requirements

What are the most critical steps for system implementation?

workflow, user acceptance testing, user requirement, transfer of opening balanced to new ledgers

What are the barriers for system implementation?

lack of manpower and lack of knowledge

What causes a failed system implementation?

no proper planning and no talent project manager

Why system implementation is going to fail?

additional work borne by others without communication of new workflow

What are the worst change management issues?

  • non-compliance by an experience staff who will leave
  • the remaining staff is not capable
  • group objection
  • system bug identified
  • lack of workflow
  • additional workload
  • unrealized efficiency gain
  • high staff turnover
  • fraud
  • lay off multi-task staff
  • Block the replacement

How to manage different stakeholders?

Priority list

How to select the right project manager, system, country, location, industry, accounting, taxation, operation, business?

Experienced in industry, system, location

What are additional work?

  • accounting maintenance
  • mapping table
  • migration of opening balance
  • testing
  • set up permanent information
  • output collection
  • workflow

How to ensure smooth implementation?

proper planning and expert help if necessary