Free Cost Audit

Why should I contact logistics cost consultant?

Because you have everything to gain and nothing to lose! If we don't find savings for you after the audit, you don't have to pay. Combined with our fee structure based on the lower of hourly rate or a % of savings identified, we can ensure that the cost of our service will always be significantly less than the savings found. The Client therefore takes no risk in engaging us to review their business costs. If we do find that you are paying more than you should, as is usually the case, we are compensated from the funds that we recover only. Our compensation comes from this cost saved and is not an additional expense.

I've already had very high educated and intelligent management team. Why should I have to hire a logistics cost consultant?

Many times, we've and found very substantial additional savings. For example, we found near sourcing of accounting in South China can save 20% of accounting department cost of a HK logistics company.

Why should I have to pay for something we can do ourselves?

Well, you shouldn't pay for something you can do yourself. What steps have you taken so far to reduce your cost to the lowest level? Some of our best clients tried to initiate their own savings first, but we found additional savings such as the best practice in terms of time and cost, system design and automated information and regional tax planning that they had no idea was possible. Another example is that a freight forwarding company who is supposed to source the lowest cost air space from a co-loader but the staff involved do not know what are the competitors of the co-loader used and do not whether the coloader buy space directly from airline or through another bigger co-loader

How will I know that you've saved us any money?

After reviewing your records we create a 'base period' profile. We then compare the profile with the actual savings after your company implements our recommendations.