System selection

What are the characteristics of accounting in logistics industry?

huge volume of transactions, seasonal price, complicated billing, on time payment, light assets

What are business scope of logistics industry?

warehousing, freight forwarding, courier, carrier

What are the necessary features for freight forwarding system?

margin confirmation, proper cut off and accrual, customized statement of account

What are the necessary features for warehousing accounting system?

profit center, cost center, job costing, automatic billing

what are the necessary features for trucker accounting system?

cost allocation

What are the necessary features for carrier accounting system?

costing allocation

Can MYOB handle freight forwarding accounting system well

Can Accpac handle freight forwarding accounting system well?

Yes, it can be for a small freight forwarder

What are basic features in improving efficiency?

  • criterion, automatic reconciliation, batch print out, e-mail, export to excel, automatic generated transaction, copy and paste, recurring journals, reverse journals, automatic allocation, exceptional allocation
  • What are the basic features in controlling accuracy?
  • margin confirmation, exceptional cut off, different date
  • What are features for internal control
  • job costing
  • audit trail, password, access, audit trail of deletion and amendment
  • What are features for statutory compliance
  • cut off, multi-currency, intercompany
  • What are features for risk and deadline management
  • automatic backup, audit check before posting, backup before purging
  • what are the features

What are the features for management information?

flexible chart of account, extra identifier, profit and cost center

What are the safest measures?

UAT, testing environment, super users, manual, backup before each critical step like interfacing

What are the features to support operation?

alert exceed credit limit, outstanding status, alert receipt before release of cargo

Is paperless one of the conditions for selection accounting software?

Why is the interface from operation to accounting system?

save manpower

Why is interface from accounting system to Excel important?

make graph and business analysis

Why is long history accounting system important?

you may find the solution for encountered problem by internet searching

The unsolved system bug is limited

Shall the accounting software be designed for someone with formal or prior accounting training?

not necessary

Shall accounting be flexible to expand?

It must be taken in account. System in accounting system is costly, timely and risky

Shall accounting system generate generate transactions?

It improves efficiency and accuracy

Is the availability of relevant management reports the most important element in selecting accounting software?

management reports make the difference in terms of value

Is security the most important element in selecting accounting software?

Yes, you have to maintain your business

What the main criteria are for determine the efficiency of accounting software?

  • automatic generated transaction
  • completeness and accuracy control
  • reports
  • interface
  • retrieve and completely and easily
  • input easily
  • backup easily

What are the features to facilitate management accounting?

  • audit trial
  • job costing
  • cutoff control
  • budgeting

What are the features to facilitate financial accounting processing?

automatic calculation, fast updating and comprehensive reporting

What are critical steps for setting up accounting system?

  1. cost and cost code
  2. interface table
  3. chart of account
  4. management accounting
  5. financial accounting