Accounting Share Service Centre

  • Ensuring all transactions and analyses are completed on time and accurately to support the financial close and reporting to country offices or the regional offices
  • Full responsibility for management reports, tax planning and financial planning
  • High internal customer service standards and Key Performance Indicators to meet company business strategies and objective
  • Support the current transition of activities including but limitation suggestion to existing problem, standardization, consolidation, setting up best practice, Automation, system design, implementation, selection of share service location, training to staff in South China, HK and overseas including the recruitment of additional staff if necessary
  • Support the regional or country accounting and finance teams to identify opportunities for continued centralization of accounting processes to the share service centre in South China
  • Review performance indicators and recommend actions to improve processes
  • Work with share service to implement process improvement initiatives including changes in accounting procedures, policies and forms
  • Managing and developing a accounting team that will effectively support above responsibilities
  • Maintain a collaborative environment within share service centre and among other departments
  • For coaching and managing the development of staff within the Share Service Centre

Why 56ACC can help you to set up share service centre in South China

  • The headquarter of 56ACC is in Shenzhen, Futian. It is close to your Headquarter
  • The key members of 56ACC is located in South China and HK.
  • It consists of seven international recognized professional accountants, 3 in South China and 4 in Hong Kong who can help foreign companies to comply international standard and Headquarter and regional office reporting requirement.
  • They founder of 56ACC have 21 year accounting experience in logistics industry, 10 years senior management experience. It is easy to communicate with him to achieve company objectives and business strategy
  • The key members have station experience and working experience in Asia, e.g. One of our key member Jackie Cheng has 16 years station experience in Singapore, Shanghai and Beijing.
  • The key members consists of 1 IT manager and two system accounting managers
  • A group of experienced backup accounting staff in South China and HK Previous experience in Share Service Centre and system implementation in logistics industry

How 56ACC can help you to implement SSC in South China

  • Retain key employee & ensure no knowledge loss
  • Conduct comprehensive working sessions with internal stakeholders and IT expert, understand the benefits and the risk and support business strategy
  • Enhance the capabilities of underlying existing system to achieve the fast and the most benefit. It is the least risk approach. Change below standard to above standard
  • System Design to achieve the highest benefit
  • Standardize Business rule, Data structure and processing from , charge/cost code to chart of account and finally to management reporting
  • User acceptance test
  • Implementation training
  • Contingency plan

The strength of share service centre by 56ACC

  • You can transfer the most common difficult areas, such as inaccuracy in profit and loss, rush financial report at the month end, cashflow problem, thin margin, long DSO, bad debt, late payment to vendor, late billing, SOA and collection, credit control and management reports
  • You don’t have to wait to reap the benefit of share service and you can focus on your core competence
  • Flexible to expand offices in China and Asia

The additional value of share service centre by 56ACC

  • Automated best practice, cost reduction, vendor management, pricing, risk management, contract management, CRM,KPI and internal control and compliance
  • By standardizing processes to the best practice stage and enabling faster speed-to-customers. And, by enhancing internal business intelligence support, it empowers logistics company to focus more on bringing value and innovation to their customers, thereby improving their decision-making capacity.

  • Expansion offices in China and other countries is more flexible

    If your company expands in different countries or different regions, especially in China. 56ACC Best practices share service focus on building a standard operating model that can be deployed across geographies, but is flexible enough to accommodate differences in local statutory and regulatory requirements