Guaranteed premium service

Automate best practice for logistics worth investing

Happy strategic partner relationship with our customers can make a company successful

56ACC mission is

  • to provide guarantee premium service for a logistics company to set up best practice within the shortest time among offices and companies. To run at the least cost at the least risk by using 56ACC premium service, a growing logistics company can agree a cap price with 56ACC limited. 100% refund in the case that our company cannot provide the service specified in the contract agreed. 56ACC won't charge premium price. If others are charging a lower rate for the same business consultancy service, 56ACC will return the difference
  • to provide flexible accounting outsourcing service including part time controller, process automation training at the price that small and medium size companies are worth investing. 56ACC believes that the saving from accounting outsourcing at each stage of development is bigger than its costs. Moreover, 56ACC starts focusing on its main activities and critical cost which are easy to be executed and successful. The saving should be able to finance its costs.
  • to maintain long term strategic relationship with customers

provide free recruitment advertisement and recruitment help

tell the truth instead of focus on charges, e.g. provide comment whether one should attend a particular training or provide failed cases that a particular company should consider before going public listing

has given a list of failed cases that a logistics company should consider before making changes

56ACC provide unlimited free E-mail answer and reply service

If 56ACC can't not answer your question it will put it into Forum and Partner opportunity