Does 56ACC understand China logistics companies?

The founder has more than 12 years working experience in China logistics, 4 years station experience in China.

The founder was a public speaker for Taxation for logistics in China

56ACC has a native Mandarin speaking China partner and has network with many senior management working in China

Our company's current situation is very complicated, can a logistics management consultant really help?

A free visit of two hours is provided. You can decide after contact with 56ACC consultant

You can arrange a meeting with our consultant at Futian office in Shenzhen

Is the consultant fee very high?

Normally,the saving from the service of consultant is much higher than the service charges. 56ACC charges is very low compared with the benefits that it can generate

you can agree a fixed price with 56ACC.

How does 56ACC charge its customers?

It is based on resource used in hourly rate.

If the charge is based on the number of hour but the customer cannot control the number of hours, the charges may be excessive

You can agree a fixed price with 56ACC

56ACC normally tries to use all the human resources of its customers. For example, 56ACC will advise IT of its customer to do the automate and generate report but won't spend time in doing so

Does 56ACC charge excessive price?

The current business strategy of 56ACC is to obtain goodwill in the market rather than the profit. You can agree the fixed price with 56ACC

Does 56ACC respect the culture of its customers?

56ACC do repect the culture of each customer. If 56ACC has different culture from a particular customer, it is advisable for such customer not to offer the order to 56ACC

Can we just pass the problems to 56ACC who is professional to solve the problems?

Without the support of senior management, it cannot succeed

Shall customers prepare something before meeting with 56ACC?

It is not necessary as 56ACC's consultant is an expert in the logistics industry.

Will 56ACC disclose the information of customers

56ACC won't disclose the information of its customer. It can sign confidential agreement with its customers

Customer office is in remote area or not in Shenzhen, does 56ACC still offer the site visit?

The site visit is limited to Shenzhen only.

Can 56ACC manage everything for me?

Although 56ACC can manage most of the things from best practices, system design, training and implementation, sometimes, it is necessary to involve other experts if the internal resources is not appropriate

Our staff is very competitive. We should not need any consultant service

Your staff won't undertake the task objectively because of conflict of interest. Example are:

Accountant is not normally willing to give suggestion on tax planning because of additional work and uncertain risk of tax planning failure

Operation staff is not willing to comment on the vendor who is recommended by senior management. It is because the senior management determines his promotion and salary increment.

Can we solve the problem ourselves?

Everyone can solve its own problem but A dedicated team to tackle the specific issue at hand who are not distracted by also trying to run the business day to day has better chance of success.

Moreover,an external consultant normally can provide a sounding new ideas

Our company is a fast growing but small logistics company. Is 56ACC the right choice for us?

56ACC provides right solution for fast growing logistics companies who have some common or unique problems, not depending on the size

What is the difference between 56ACC and other consultant companies

56ACC consists of a group of professional accountants who has have hearts and capabilities in logistics management and is willing to provide premium service

The key members have actual working experience in the top logistics companies in the world like DHL, Expeditor, Toll and Yusen

What is the difference between 56ACC and other consultants in terms of approach?

56ACC helps you to design the best practice, automate the best practice to release resource and to implement with extra resources.

Other consultant companies provides advice you how to do it rather than help you to do it.