Finance for non-finance managers

Course Objective

  • Mangers can understand and support finance strategy which is in consistent with company business strategy
  • Finance Training for talent is the fastest way in managing a sizeable companies. All finance strategy cannot be enforced without understanding.

Medium of language



20 hours

Course Content

  • Scope of Accounting;
  • Basic Financial Statements; Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss, Cashflow, Source of Change, variance analysis
  • Interpretation of Financial Statements and ratio analysis, finance performance measurement and common problems;
  • Cost terms, LLC, ABC, TOC , Fixed, Variable, Step costs and their Relationships with Volume, Profit, breakeven analysis and pricing strategy
  • Budgeting, variance report and its importance to chartered volume and idle space
  • Investment appraisal, NPV, IRR, Risk Matrix
  • Accounting Principle, Rent escalation, finance lease, revenue recognition, Accrual, Depreciation,
  • Finance Department KPI
  • Best operation practice to support finance departments
  • Cost Reduction

Raw material to be provided

Financial statement of listed companies

Certificate of completion of training

A cetificate of completion of training will be provided if the attendee can attend 80% of the training sessions


A referral letter will be provided to attendee who can pass the test for job application purpose.

E-mail inquiry

Any attendee who gains suitable employment within three months of having completed this course will be given ongoing technical support from our qualified accountants during the three month probationary period by e-mail.

Additional one to one training hour

If necessary, additional training can be provided at the rate of HK$200 per hour. The topic and objective should be agreed before

Trainer Qualification

Master Degree of Business


Former financial controller or CFO of Fortune 500 companies