The main advantages of accounting outsourcing by 56ACC are the best system, procedure and policy that designed by Consultant, IT expert and Financial controller who have excellent experience to deliver the best service at the lowest costs

Save 20% of your existing finance cost

How to save your finance cost

  • Near sourcing your accounting routine by South China
  • Set up best practice
  • Automation
  • Outsourcing your finance manager
  • Set up workflow among departments and KPI
  • Proper tax planning
  • Paperless SOA, invoices, financial reporting
  • Selection or right operation or/and accounting or enhance around your existing system
  • Improve your credit, billing debt collection process
  • Audit fee negotiation

The strength of accounting outsourcing 56ACC

  • You can transfer the most common difficult areas, such as inaccuracy in profit and loss, rush financial report at the month end, cashflow problem, thin margin, long DSO, bad debt, late payment to vendor, late billing, SOA and collection, credit control and management reports
  • You don’t have to wait to reap the benefit of accounting outsourcing. You can start now
  • Flexible to expand offices in China and Asia by accounting outsourcing

Why outsource your accounting to 56ACC

  • Profit and Loss Accuracy
  • Helps you to keep track of work without spending too much time on monitoring non-core activities.
  • Provides real time reports that can give you instant access to information
  • Costs cuts on your expensive bookkeepers and accountants
  • Access to skilled online bookkeepers and accounts
  • High quality accounting general ledger maintenance
  • We have 3 ACCAs in South China and 3 ACCAs in HK who have senior management experience in logistics industry
  • We have 2 former system accounting managers in the top logistics company
  • We have 1 IT manager in logistics industry
  • We have plenty accountants and junior accounting staff who have working experience in logistics industry

The additional value of accounting outsourcing by 56ACC

  • Automated best practice, cost reduction, vendor management, pricing, risk management, contract management, CRM,KPI and internal control and compliance
  • By standardizing processes to the best practice stage and enabling faster speed-to-customers and, by enhancing internal business intelligence support, it empowers logistics company to focus more on bringing value and innovation to their customers, thereby improving their decision-making capacity.
  • Today's economic climate is clearly causing Automated Best Practice Outsourcing. The credit crunch, striving to survive. unprecedented economic volatility, deteriorating, fluctuating fuel costs, idle resources results in declining revenue, price pressure, bad debt, idle cost, unabsorbed cost, negative cash flow, thin margin and making loss make

Accounting outsourcing is a survival tool for logistics companies in uncertain times can reduce cost rapidly and improve service with certainty.