Accounting outsourcing for newly formed companies

Newly formed companies, HK$1,000 service charge per day

We can provide contracted staff with multi-task capability such as recruitment, contract negotiation, administration at the very beginning period for a newly opened company. Services include

  • Selection of Accounting software
  • Opening bank account
  • Setting up financial reporting, Statement Of Account to customers, Shipment analysis report
  • Procurement of rental office, office equipment & Furniture & Fitting
  • Recruitment of staff
  • Setting up internal control according to company business strategy
  • Setting up Customer relationship management system
  • Reviewing contracts and setting up standard contract templates
  • Audit fee negotiation

The benefits are

  • It supports when a starter who needs the various service most but cannot afford to hire various expert
  • It avoid the risk of recruitment of a wrong person
  • It can speed up the time required for the formation a Limited company in Hong Kong and China and explore the market opportunity immediately