Finance efficiency auditor

To measure the finance processes are necessary to provide results at the lowest cost, 56ACC helps to carry out Finance Efficiency Audit

Finance Efficiency Audit Table

Bad operation practice

      unnecessary process and operation
      reworknot effective for the first time
error or mistake
lack of handover list
      duplicatelack of workflow and work study
      do not cooperate well
late processing
lack of initiative
      do not serve the purposesDebt Collection
Credit Control
Accuracy billing

Manual processing

      system bugsunnecessary reconciliation
correction of error and mistake
      lack of knowledgeExcel
existing system
      poor system implementationdo not cover all the critical requirements
not user friendly
do not provide full information

People issues

      unfair allocation of duty
      lack of effective KPI & reward systemidle manpower and ineffective processing
      unsuitable recruited stafflong learning curve
recurring error or mistakes
lack of ability to improve
      lack of training

Idle time

      stay night to earn overtime
      lack of full information for decisions
      waiting for customer's documents or instructions

Environment that make KPI not working

      no salary increment
      no promotion
      pre-approval for overtime is not necessary
      no redundancy
      unreliable company