Practical Accounting Training for logistics industry

HK$3,000 for 20 hours training, 2 hours per session,

2 hours free training before making decision

The last two hours of 20 hours is reserved for problem discussion

Individual training

Venue provided by service provider

HK$2,000 per each two hours

Venue provided by the customer

HK$1,500 per each two hours

Company group training

Trainer qualification

  • Trainer is the former financial controller of DHL, who has 21 (12 years in China) practical accounting experience in logistics industry covering freight forwarding, courier, logistics, feeder and trucking
  • Trainer is a qualified accountant who has obtained Master degree in logistics Management in 2001
  • Trainer lead the IPO finance process of Gamma Logistics Corporation, stock code of 8310 in Hong Kong
  • Trainer was the public speaker, taxation for logistics in China

The characteristics of the training

  • If the trainee is not free, he or she can nominate someone to take up his or her vacancy
  • The training provided is guarantee service. If the trainee is not satisfactory the quality of service , the trainer will return the 100% of training fee but the trainee has to make this decision before after 4 hours of training including 2 hours of free training
  • The trainee can raise the problems they have countered to the trainer during the last two hours, the trainer will try to provide solution. Trainer believe that it can improve the confidence of trainee by this method
  • Trainee pay what he want to learn. Trainee are 100% free to raise questions.
  • Trainee are required to do some exercise. We won't reserve time to do exercise during the training session. Trainee are encouraged to form a group to do the assigned exercise
  • Topics is selective for Group training, companies can choose the topics and the content that can help them to achieve business objective
  • Many topics are not available in the market including international tax planning for logistics industry, Fraud management for logistics, Selection of accounting software for logistics industry and automated best practice for logistics industry and cost reduction for logistics industry
  • Real case study

If you want to understand more, pls access our company web-site (click training icon) or call 97479140, Mr Philip Shum

To register, you can access to company web-site (click training register icon) or submit the application form to or call 97479140, Mr. Philip Shum

To pay, pls transfer to HSBC 078 56 2345 838. The payee is 56ACC Limited

Please send the receipt to with written name and the course name

A confirmation notice will be sent out within 1 week after the application is received. If you do not receive any notification, please contact us.

Should a typhoon signal No.8 or black rainstorm be hoisted within 3 hours before the course starts, the course will be cancelled. Refund or reschedule of the course will be made.

Training Map

Training location A

Training location B

Training location C

Training location D